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  • If you have your own Tuning Equipment but do not feel confident in your own abilities, BYT has a tune package to suit your needs!! Actually, about 35% of our Tuning Business is handled thru Email Tuning. We have had great success tuning cars without ever physically seeing the car, the Fastest Stock Turbo Cobalt SS we have tuned (11.95 at 117) was a Email Tuned Car!!

    How it works:
  • *Click the Contact Form to start the process.
  • *Shortly after receiving your payment you will receive an Email with the Tune for your car.
  • *You will be supplied with instructions that you should read and re-read before starting!
  • *We will then exchange Logs and Tune Updates back and forth until it is fully dialed in.
  • /Remote%20Tuning

  • Remote Tuning Price = $300
  • $50/hr For Exclusive Time (Must be arranged ahead of time!)
  • Basic Tune Update Price = $100
  • Total Re-Tune Price = $200
  • *Exclusive Time comes in handy if you are planning a Dyno session and need to update quickly so you do not waste Dyno Time!*

    *Mercedes Vehicles are an extra $300 due to the amount of credits that have to be purchased to unlock them*

    Basic Updates include re-calibrating for a new Intake, Downpipe, Intercooler or adding Methanol Injection/E85. The Total Re-Tune fee will be applied if you changed from Supercharged to Turbo Charged or swapped the car to a bigger Turbo setup etc.

    *Typical Email Tuning response time is 24-48 BUSINESS hours, if you need more immediate service then the Exclusive Time may be a better option for you!*


    CLICK HERE to setup your Tune Appointment