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  • We will no longer be offering Street Tuning or vehicles. We have arranged a deal with a local shop to use their Dyno at a very affordable rate. Your car will have excellent driveability with proven horsepower on the Dyno.

    How it works:
  • *Click the Contact Form to arrange an Appointment.
  • *Arrange a date and time to meet at the Dyno Location.
  • *Pay for the Services rendered and you are done!
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  • Dyno Tuning Price = $500 (Includes Dyno Fees!)
  • Basic Tune Update Price = $100 + Dyno Fees
  • Total Re-Tune Price = $200 + Dyno Fees
  • Wideband O2 Rental = $25/Session
  • *Mercedes Vehicles are an extra $300 due to the amount of credits that have to be purchased to unlock them*

    Certain New cars come with a factory Wideband O2, if your car does NOT, you will need to have your own or rent ours. We will NOT tune a car without one! If you are unsure if your car has one, just contact us and we can help you out!

    Basic Updates include re-calibrating for a new Intake, Downpipe, Intercooler or adding Methanol Injection/E85. The Total Re-Tune fee will be applied if you changed from Supercharged to Turbo Charged or swapped the car to a bigger Turbo setup etc.

    *THIS PRICING IS ONLY VALID FOR 2WD VEHICLES! The AWD dyno location charges double the price for Dyno Rental. If you have an AWD vehicle we can let you know what the pricing difference is when you contact us*


    For 2WD Vehicles we use a Land&Sea (DynoMite) Dyno located in Marshalls Creek, PA. It is just a few miles from Route 80.

    For AWD Vehicles we use a DynoJet Dyno located in Bath, PA. It is slightly further away from the main highway (Route 33) but still easy to find!


    CLICK HERE to setup your Tune Appointment